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The Mistletoe Spear

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Newly returned to Orkney from their mission to liberate the Horn of the Kraken, Fjorn, the bastard prince,  and his band are dispatched to secure another item of power before the forces of the White God can confiscate it to serve in their war against the Norse way of life.

The Mistletoe spear, that killed the god Baldur, is hidden somewhere in Northumbria. The artefact promises victory to whoever holds it. Fjorn must guide his people through a world trapped in Fimbulwinter before they can even begin their search. Can Fjorn’s band triumph against the might of Wessex bolstered by a mercenary army of trolls? Will old foes become new allies, or will Fjorn’s generosity to the dead lead them all to ruin? What secrets does Jolnir, a newcomer to the group, hold and will they endanger the quest? For this and more, read on.

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