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Ath Cliath – City Overview Book

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This book is your overview of Ath Cliath, legendary historic fantasy that is set during the Viking occupation (that became Dublin). EVERY one of the 96 city blocks are detailed, each containing an average of 15 locations, resulting in over 1,400 individual locales that include of hundreds of residents, shops and adventure hooks for your players. In these pages is everything you need to know about how the city works, and how the residents live their lives in the richest city in the world.

King Sitric Cuaran, the One-Eyed King, sits on the Riverfleet Throne, in this, his City of Gold and Slaves. Folk from all over the world are flocking to his city, the last shining hope in a darkening world.

The world is in turmoil, the apocalypse known as “Ragnarök”, or as the Gael call it “the Twilight”, has begun. The book is written for the Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok game, however, it has been designed in a way that will work with any RPG system and similar game world.

In these pages, you’ll meet hundreds of people, with detailed backstories and desires. Ath Cliath comes alive down to the last street cobble and swooping seagull, all that work is already done for you — so you can concentrate on the ADVENTURE! With many more add-on books soon to be released and more planned, this city will be vibrant, dynamic and ever-growing for years to come.

Welcome! Ath Cliath awaits!