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Anti Aesir

Post by sillyxander »

I was just reading Fafhir's treasure and it's a beautiful game but I was bit confused on the point of view. The Writ is from the Jotuns perspective and I was wondering if that's how the whole game is set up. I know I'm only looking at one book and I read only those sections. I do like that angle but I hope it's not all anti-Aesir. I picked up this because I love Norse mythology and I understand that there's no real good or bad guys because they have all done wrong but I was just wondering? Or am I wrong completely, because that could be true too.
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Re: Anti Aesir

Post by theRajjj »

Yeah just like in Evingard, everyone's an ass in the Jotun and Aesir pantheons. Sven is prolly Baldur! ;)

The lore is presenting WHY Ragnarok happened, and it's the Jotuns starting the aggression, so the reasons for the war are laid out. I think Andrew may have shocked a lot of the Marvel comics players by shattering the good/bad paradigm with a very in your face intro. You're given total freedom as to which side you will choose, don't worry bro. Since the 2d10 FOTN system in '93 it has given players all deities as options. What's nice is that it presents all 9 worlds as options, really exposing the all of the pantheons like Alfar and Dvergars. Get the CRB as soon as you can!

Disir = 6
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Re: Anti Aesir

Post by andrew »

LOL! Don't worry both sides have a lot of the blame placed on their shoulders. For some it's a bit shocking because they have been conditioned to think Thor is good, Loki is bad. I think the biggest revelation I had researching the subject matter for 20 years is just how egocentric (evil?) Odin is. Pretty much all sagas/stories related to him reveal just to what ends he will go to in order to get what he wants. It makes him an even more interesting character, and very different than his portrayal in most pop media.

While reading the sagas you come across titles like "Lord of Ghouls" and you go "what?! What a second!" and dig deeper to find a really cool catalyst for the moniker. Same with Loki, "god of fire"... "what?! how do you figure?!" and then you find out his true heritage. And even after 20 years, I'm still learning more as I delve into different older translations of the old texts. There are some nuances that you miss when you get a more modern adaptation.

What you will never get taken away from you is the choice. All 7 pantheons will be valid choices with many interesting deities (no real good-bad paradigm). You always get the non-believer option as well. And remember, the Vikings weren't exclusive in their worship. If you follow Thor it doesn't mean you forsake all others. Vikings would turn to each divinity in their situation of need. Good harvest? Thor for rain! Grant victory in war? Odin! A good fruitful marriage? Frey! And lets not forget the smaller godlings such as the Vaettir, Disir, Alfar and Dvergar. These godlings had a much more intimate relationship with the Vikings as they were very specific and local deities.

By the way, welcome aboard!!! :)
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Re: Anti Aesir

Post by raleel »

I love that about Norse mythology. The characters are very human in so many ways, with quite a few flaws. The characters and the relationships are very complex.
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