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Starter Vignettes

Post by Garkaun »

Greetings and good day, everyone. I am about to start (in about 2 week's time) a new Fate of the Norns campaign with 4, maybe 5 players. All have some experience with FotN except 1 player. This time, I want it to feel different.

With that being said, I am going to start with the starter vignettes in DOTN and run them all until Ragnarok happens. Does anyone have any advice on running such an epic campaign that spans 15+ years?

Has anyone tried this? If yes, how did it go? I don't know what my players will be playing yet, but I do know my players well. Two will likely want to be melee combatants, another in a support type of role, and the last will be focused on developing the character more than anything else.

Thanks in advance. As a side note, I have run about 30 sessions previously, so I am not a new Norn.
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Re: Starter Vignettes

Post by andrew »

Heya Garkaun! 15 year spanning campaigns need a few considerations that make them feel more "vast" than "real time" sagas. You'll want to set the stage with recurring denizens and building relationships and story arcs that deepen with every passing year. So while they meet some key folks like kings and queens, they may also meet some regular folks like the Fire Wolf or some other adventurers that they will cross paths again and again. This makes the journey all that more rewarding.

You'll also need to work out the "fade-to-black" moments and then moments that become cinematic interludes that skip across time. These also need to feel like opportunities for dweller story development, rather than lost moments in time. These backstory elements can be hand-waved or some rune pulls can be involved as well. Something rich should come out of other end of each of these "fast forward" moments for each dweller's story.

Since you are going to hit so many high points in Midgard's soon-to-be history, remember not to get bogged down in random encounters, but still enjoy the journey with some mundane events that have a chance at being memorable. Think about the Lord of the Rings movies, while they did accomplish some grandiose events, some memorable moments happen in the shire, in some taverns and on the road.

Having a skald in the group (player or not) can also help chronicle the events. This will also help with afterlife rolls if and when they come. A long campaign like this is perfect for building out someone's afterlife hall of heroes!

Happy sagas!
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