Berserkir / Rage has way too much dmg

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Berserkir / Rage has way too much dmg

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Newbie question here.
I am not sure if I understand all of the rules right, but I feel like the Berserkir has way too much DF and PF once he gets to Rage 4 (which is pretty easy in my opinion).
I played a small game with 4 Level 10 players. The Berserkir just oneshot a Catacomb Dragon that was lvl 25 with something like 45 dmg.
Adding all the PF from Weapons, Passives and then 6 addition PF from Rage 4. This then gets Amplified 2 times (so DF x3) and he just
killed the whole thing.
All in all after 4 Session it just seems the Berserkir just completely outshines all other players. If he gets more than half of his Runes into the Dmg pile
he basically becomes untouchable and kills everything with one attack.
As far as I understand the bonus from Rage gets also multiplied with the Amplifie trait.

I am not sure if I misunderstand something, but I tried to level enemies around the same level as the players.
So if I have 4 players that are lvl 10 then I throw against them 5 or 6 Enemies that are Lvl 8 or 10. The Dragon was something like a special enemy that they should run away from.
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Re: Berserkir / Rage has way too much dmg

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You may be correct, but an error in your post makes me wonder if you are applying the correct numbers in your calculations. Damage is assessed by DF (for Damage Factor). PF is the protection against taking damage. You may have inadvertently used the wrong term in the post, but it might be worth revisiting your math to make certain.
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