Come join us for the Ireland Experience!

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Come join us for the Ireland Experience!

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We will be hosting 20-25 (max 25 guests so spots are limited) guests who will join us for a tour of Ireland this fall. We will travel the countryside together, visiting historic sites, the locales where Game of Thrones was filmed, and Pendelhaven will be entertaining you along the way. We are designing a very special series of adventures for this trip. Each one tailored to the special venue where we will be playing (castle, medieval pub, movie shooting locations, etc) with a overarching story arc that will culminate in Ath Cliath (Dublin).

Ed and I will crafting the saga which will appear next year as a supplement for the Ath Claith RPG. This printed adventure will be shaped by the outcome of the events on this trip. Everyone on this trip will also be receiving a free copy of this adventure when it is ready for release.

Join us! ... the-norns/
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Re: Come join us for the Ireland Experience!

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Are you still looking for Storytellers and guides?
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