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Reference Sheets

Post by dougansf »

Hi all,
I started playing FotN:R a few years ago at a convention. We keep getting together every year to keep playing, and it's a lot of fun to play and delve into the lore. Unfortunately, this is the only time that any of us play the game. This means the first hour of the 4 hour block can be taken up relearning the game, as well as teaching any new players.

Before I start making my own, I was hoping someone might have created a reference sheet of the different keywords and metatags and other helpful things to reduce book-diving at the table.

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Re: Reference Sheets

Post by andrew »

We do sell a Norn screen with metas and conditions listed for the Core Rulebook. ... rn-screen/
We're down to the last batch.

There's no screen for Children of Eriu to date, but we do have some card decks out: ... tion-Cards

And power cards for easy lookup: ... ards-set-I ... rds-set-II
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