Norns wanted!

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Norns wanted!

Post by andrew »

Hail Vikings!

We are putting out a call for Norns/GMs. After being shut in for 2 years, 2022 will be the year of conventions. So far we have the following conventions lined up:

Gary Con (March 24-27)
PAX-East (cancelled)
Calgary Expo (April 21-24)
Origins (June 8-12)
Gem State Gaming Con (July 1-3)
Comicon Montreal (July 8-10)
GenCon (August 4-7)
Ireland Castle Con (Sept 24-Oct4)
Spiel Essen (Oct 6-9)
GameHole Con (Oct 20-23)

For GenCon we want to run 15 concurrent games in the Indianapolis Catacombs (, meaning we need 15 Norns for GenCon. The pandemic has decimated our funds so regretfully we cannot offer hotel rooms nor badges at this time (maybe later in the year things will pick up), but what we can offer now for 8+ demo hours are:
  • staff t-shirt
  • 2 rune sets
  • 6 laminated pre-generated characters
  • 8 laminated playmats
  • a published adventure
This is yours to keep. If you run more games, we can offer more published materials for you to keep after the show.

Ireland "Castle Con" is a special trip that tours Ireland with us for 1 week, and we run games for our fans/special-guests at various castles and historic sites. I will need a few for more Norns for this as well (3 out of 5 Norns already recruited). Lodging and meals included, you must provide your own airfare.

Your involvement really means a lot to us, since were trying to dig out of a large post-covid deficit. You standing shoulder to shoulder in our shield-wall will endure and the skalds will sing your praises for generations! (ie. your name will appear in the dedication of the 2022 printed adventure)

E-mail us at

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Re: Norns wanted!

Post by kaimuund »

Messaged. I'd like to do as many as I can.
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