Few errors

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Few errors

Post by Xararion »

Hello. I know it's not necessarily the best form to have your first post on the forums be a post like this but there were few talents in the book that have been marked in what I believe is erroneous way.

First on Cu Setanta.

Duban archetype (blue line) has their skill marked as technique of the fir bolg shield. However the description given in the archetype states that this is a [mental] ability that allows you to protect your shield from damage and disarm. However in the skill list section of the book, Technique of the fir bolg shield is a [spiritual] skill that allows you to enchant your shield and apply QR to them temporarily. I think there was supposed to be a different name on the skill for the duban archetype.


The passive power galvanized champions ghost strike is not listed anywhere in the passive powers section. Instead cerebral strike is listed twice, however the text of either cerebral strike does not match the boards listed effect for ghost strike, instead being a galvanized champions peacock strut, and as far as I can tell ghost strike just doesn't exist in the passive list. There are 5 galvanized champion abilities in the passive section, yet 6 on the board.

Hope these are helpful before book goes out to print.
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Re: Few errors

Post by andrew »

No not at all, this is awesome, thanks for the keen eyes! Your help has ensured that these errors were corrected before the book files went to the printer - thank you!

RE: Harbinger
The second instance of Cerebral was in fact Peacock's Strut
and the missing Ghost trike has been added

Galvinized Champion's Ghost Strike
While you are affected by a condition, wear heavy armour and wield a two handed weapon, after you perform an Attack action, you Heal +1 and gain +1 Spiritual PF until end of round
Rank: Heal +1

The spec powers change A LOT during beta testing, so many times the headers or the description text tends to fall behind and gets missed by editing and proof-reading (somehow).
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