Is Sven the only nice guy? ^^

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Is Sven the only nice guy? ^^

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We finished all of the sagas in Fafnir's (YAYYY) and the Norn allowed me to read the book. WOW is Sven the only nice guy in the whole book??? ^^
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Re: Is Sven the only nice guy? ^^

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Re: Is Sven the only nice guy? ^^

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Re: Is Sven the only nice guy? ^^

Post by kdtompos »

How would one finish all of the sagas in Fafnir's? There are definite hooks there that the book doesn't go into. Are these just hooks that the Norn should build his/her own stories on, or will they be outlined in other books?

i.e. I have no idea what is really going on in the mines, or anything with the Ivar the druid and his massive tree.
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Re: Is Sven the only nice guy? ^^

Post by andrew »

Heya KDT, I can tell you from running Fafnir's at over a dozen conventions, no 2 playthroughs have been the same. It's designed as a sandbox so your players will be free to roam, explore, make friends and enemies and shape the future of this important outpost. The mines are cursed and the full saga is called The Cornerstone of the World and will be published in Denizens of the North. It is one of the most important locales in Midgard during the second age of Ragnarok. I don't want to say more as it may reveal spoilers. But if you are playing through it right now in your homebrew version, I'll contribute some descriptive that I use when describing the curse: "Magnus runs the mine using slaves. They number in the hundreds and are managed by the taskmaster mercenaries that are hired to oversee the operations. Occasionally the miners revolt, but quickly realize that there is nowhere to run as

I have a few ongoing campaigns that have lasted a few years and one of the more recent ones we had a very fun turn of events: The main story line (after the treasure) was the showdown between Magnus (oner of the mine) and Halfdan (Ingvar's son). The players were very individualistic, preferring to strike out their own friendships/choices rather than go along with the whole group's decision. So some were sympathetic to the old ways that Halfdan was espousing while a few others saw the progress and potential of Magnus' mine and influence. This caused a great deal of drama and tension but didn't devolve into a blood bath since too much was at stake. Eventually some of the dwellers died from unrelated causes, and when they made new dwellers they built up back-stories that tied them in with their preferred respective patrons. One was Halfdan's cousin and was a late bloomer in life. Having the lazy trait he preferred to drink at Sven's than really involve himself in the affairs of his uncle's outpost. This all changed when Ivar the druid hijacked the party for his own desires, and this thrust the dweller as a prominent ally of Halfdan the exiled prince. Another player decided to create a backstory that tied into an elite mercenary group that backed Magnus. His objective was to ensure that the mine stayed open regardless of the cost. A lot more was at stake than just some silly old traditions. Well like all good dramas, things escalated and Halfdan and Magnus were "killed" (I'll use quotes as it was a bit more complex) and so the players stepped into those 2 keys roles. So now you have two players that are at odds while occupying leadership positions. It was a very interesting turn of events!

note: Ivar and Magnus get their own larger sections in DotN and the mines are fully explored in the book as well. That shouldn't stop you from running the stories now, but just a heads up!

I could go on for pages upon pages, but I'll let others chime in with their experiences. :)
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Re: Is Sven the only nice guy? ^^

Post by tshober »

Well you have the mines, the treasure, the wild hunt (at Grimm's), the Astrid factor (we had her blackmailing all the power brokers of Evingard), Halfdan and Ingvar tension (and clan schizm), the stalker and the blacksmith's furnace, the red rat clan (all illicit activity), of course mr know it all Fingers and his revenge, Ivar and his aliance with Halfdan and war with Magnus, Haakon's molestation of any new-comers or anyone he feels he can't control, of course the missing people and the cannibal, the krakens in ice bay, the zombear infestation and Hel's Needle (oops DotN spoiler), oh and the new barrows just outside the gates lead to some more Haugbui curses if Jadvyg doesn't bury any new murder victims!

Sven's place is really the only oasis in all this darkness! :D
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