Crafting Time Frame

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Crafting Time Frame

Post by Balasar »

I was wondering if there’s some sort of guide line I can/should use for crafting time for druids and blacksmiths. I know that very technical activities, including crafting, are designed to be very abstract in FOTN, which I’m fine with, but without any sort of guide to crafting time, and I having no idea how long it takes a skilled crafts-person to make this stuff, it has basically amounted, in my game at least, to “what all are you making? k gimme a check for each of those. K you’re done.”

It seems unfair to allow instantaneous crafting, but I also don’t want a PC to have sit everything out for a week while they build a longboat on their own. What sorts of guidelines do other people use? Do you use different guidelines for brewing and crafting? Should I stop worrying about it and just let the blacksmith and the druid keep instantaneously fabricating stuff?
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Re: Crafting Time Frame

Post by andrew »

Let your story define how long it takes. If you read novels that involve crafting a legendary item, you'll see a range of durations, from actual real-life times to what is near instantaneous to years and years... so let your story arc define that for you. If you need it for a boss and it's a forge in a dungeon that the dwellers are exploring on a once-through, make it quick. If it's downtime and the king asked for a custom enchanted throne, well that could take months.

That said, Infusing is 1 to 2 hours if that helps to set a general timeframe for other blacksmithing activities.

As I mention in many other posts answering questions- RGS isn't about providing every answer to every situation. I wrote the rules to give you general guidelines and what's not mentioned is up to you guys, and hopefully it reinforces your narrative, rather than detracts from it. In my writeup of the RGS3 rules, I'm making this much more front and center of how everything is explained. :) Maybe others can chime in with examples of how they handled duration.
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