Question about Aud

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Question about Aud

Post by HoliestBerserkerRage »

The Son of Muspel named Aud is described as being sensitive to light and only travels at night because he was recently killed and reborn, but his sensitivity will fade with time. What day/night is there in FotN:R since the sun and moon have both been eaten by celestial wolves?
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Re: Question about Aud

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Fafnir's Treasure was a saga that was released with the original FOTN:R back in 2006, and that edition played out the devouring of the sun and moon. So my best guess is that the text is a remnant from that older edition, but it would seem everything else has been ported to the new edition and story period. Another possibility would be that in case some part of the new story puts a new sun into the sky, you'll know how to role play him.
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