Air, Earth, and Water Shape Out of Combat

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Air, Earth, and Water Shape Out of Combat

Post by Balasar »

So Orlogs are pretty awesome. Lore is interesting, and they’ve got a lot of really cool powers, like creating new life forms. Some of my favorite powers are the shape shifting ones though. Air Shape, Water Shape, and Earth Shape are awesome. You get 2 really cool forms you can assume based on your environment, or you can take a little damage to choose.

The out of combat effects of all these powers is “You will change shape into one of the above forms every full moon for the duration of the night (once per month).” Obviously going for a bit of a lycanthropy feel with this. I have 2 huge questions though.

So for starters, there’s no reason why you can’t get 2 or 3 of these powers, so if you have more than one of the Elemental Shape powers, how does one determine which of the powers forces the transformation? Is it meant to be an arbitrary decision by the norn? Draw for it? Do they spend the entire night going from one form to the next without a stop in human form in between? Do they become some bizarre amalgamation of the various forms? Do you just go with whichever of those powers they got first?

More importantly, if you’re playing during Ragnarok, when there is no moon to become full, does that just remove the once a month compulsory full moon transformation? Is there another metric that should be used? If there’s no sunrise to mark the end of the night, how long should that transformation last? 5 hrs? 8? 9? 12?

I love these powers, but the out of combat is slightly confusing once a little thought is given. Especially during Ragnarok.
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Re: Air, Earth, and Water Shape Out of Combat

Post by andrew »

I must have missed this post, and as I'm applying all errata I am combing through the forums to see any and all feedback before we bake the PDF tonight.

Yes the Norn would choose which shape you would turn into since this is Void magic after all. I would also be inconsistent on how it works each time to keep with the theme and to keep the player guessing what's to come.

Also "full moon" has been replaced with "once per month".
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