The Cloak of Illusions: How Does it Work?

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The Cloak of Illusions: How Does it Work?

Post by Balasar »

In the Magic Item section of the CRB, one of my favorite listings is the Lodungr, or Cloak of Illusions. I tend to play charismatic characters that are always disguising their voice or appearance or lying about who they are to make it easier to rob everyone around them blind, using a lot of illusion and mind control to help things along. Long story short, +1 Sneak, +1 Focus, +1 Disguise, and the ability to project illusions on to yourself sounds like something right up my alley, and it’s pretty different from a lot of the other items in the game.

My question is, though, how extensive are the cloak’s illusion capabilities? Is it just minor stuff like changing hair color, adding or removing scars/freckles/moles/tattoos or other distinguishing marks, add/remove a beard, and making your clothes look different? Or can you actually make yourself look like a different person and/or gender altogether? To put it in comic book terms, is it a Clark Kent disguise, or a Loki/Mystique disguise?

Also, if it’s the Clark Kent style disguise where you just make some minor changes, is there a limit to how many of the small illusions you can create?

Do the illusions last a set amount of time, or until dispelled?

Finally, what are the parameters of seeing through the illusion? Do people believe it until they’re give a reason not to? Does touching it dispel it? Is it like the kobold’s base power, where lower level creatures automatically believe it, but higher level ones automatically see through it? I’m actually more concerned with how it is seen through than the extent of its powers. Presumably the more complex the illusion, the harder it is to see through?

Alternatively, should I just model it’s effects off the Disguise Self spell from D&D? That’s a 1st level spell, so power-wise is probably comparable to the relatively low QR of the Lodungr.
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Re: The Cloak of Illusions: How Does it Work?

Post by Aroth »

mechanically it just gives + 1 to sneak and focus and if you have 4 mental runes in your bag, it gives +1 to disguise. Id say it also replaces the need for a disguise kit of any kind or costumes, but for the most part it is more clark kent.

As for seeing through it. it depends on their disguise Check, if they see through the disguise, they see through the illusion.
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