Ice Skwee Swarm Clarifications?

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Re: Ice Skwee Swarm Clarifications?

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dafelsheim wrote:The Swarm rules seem cool. I did a stupid thing and ran the Essence wrong. But there was a list of concerns I made that I'd personally like to see clarified in the future. I know some of these we kind of talked about in another thread, but seeing answers in print would be great.

1- How to actually decide how many powers they get
2- How to handle Bloodied, Rage
3- How to calculate size, and from that Hexes occupied, unarmed attack damage and movement
For the The Creatures from Fairy Tale and Myth FOTN RGS edition, I'd like those monsters to work well with swarms, that's why it's taking long to get the final manuscript out. Also The Children of Eriu may end up with swarms as the default way to handle creatures, making Norn work easier, but still leaving the option to run monsters individually when needed.

1) With the The Creatures from Fairy Tale and Myth stat blocks I am lowering the amount creatures get. It's not 1 per Essence, but they always have at least 3 (1 per Trait). Some cases you want to stack a Passive more than once, and you can with the new monster build rules. Something I am considering are printing monster cards, so their stats/powers/art need to be constrained. Let me turn the question back to you, if you had to run 3 swarms, 2 being identical, and 1 different, how many powers would you like the juggle on the fly?

2) Right now I assume bloodied if they lost at least 1 member. It's easier to book-keep rather than constantly doing head math to see if half the runes have left Essence. As for Rage, I don't have a clear solution that I'm happy with. The Children of Eriu replaces Rage with Fury, so in its design it takes swarms into account. I would say that Rage scales normally, but caps at the Essence per creature. So if your swarm has five 4 Essence Gargangjolps, your bag has 20 runes in it. If they Rage, the range is 1-4 with 8 at max Rage.

3) Size is the summed up size of each individual creature. So lets say you had a Borghild swarm (size 6 requires 2 hexes), if you had 5 of them, they'd occupy 10 hexes. Unarmed attack damage is by individual creature, so again Borghild unarmed damage of 3. Movement same as individual, size 6 equals 6 hexes (without taking powers into consideration).

Keep the use-cases and questions coming, that will help refine the new optimized swarm rules.
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