Cheesy Blacksmith Exploit

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Cheesy Blacksmith Exploit

Post by DavetheLost »

So I have a Blacksmith who has the Active Power Soul Bound Strike. This gives a bonus for every item crafted by the Blacksmith that he is equipped with. The player wants to craft a bunch of QR 1 bells, etc, attach them to his clothing and get a massive bonus for being equipped with many, many, self-crafted items. I took one look at the idea and said "No! A shirt with lots of jinglers would count as one item. Nice try, but don't game the system."

This does raise the question of what counts as an "equipped" item. I could see him forging and wearing a lot of arm rings, daggers, and other small items, in addition to main weapons, armour, shield, cloak, etc. And I found my answer on page 130 of the Core Book, 1 weapon per hand, 1 suit of armour, and 1 accessory item. So the maximum bonus for "equipped items" would be 4. I can live with that.
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Re: Cheesy Blacksmith Exploit

Post by raleel »

yep, it's right there :)
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