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Post your fan-fiction short stories here.
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Post your stories here

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With the release of the Illuminated Edda, we have opened the door to the Fate of the Norns universe. Those who would like to produce literature related to the Fate of the Norns world is welcome to post it in this sub-forum. Posts in this sub-forum could be simple fanfic or a sample submission for a much bigger project (novel or adventure saga).

Any work that is meant to be a proposal for a future project should remain 100% faithful to the content contained in the Core Rulebook, Denizens of the North, the Illuminated Edda, and Lords of the Ash. If certain characters are referenced, then they should align with their previous appearances in the Horn of the Kraken and Seith & Sword.

Authors can send their resumes and sample reference work to

We look forward to seeing the world evolve as great ideas take root. :)
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