Question about Bidding And Supremacy

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Question about Bidding And Supremacy

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I purchased the game at the otakuthon and played a few games. Fairly fun, however me and my players had a few questions :

1) When you bid on how many points you are going to be able to do, can you go into the negative amount of points if you would lose your bid? And if you do lose your bid, do you go into said negative amount of points?

2) When bidding, what prevents a player from bidding an astronomically high amount of points just to prevent the game from having a winner ?
EX : I can no longer gain scavenger points. A player in the game keeps bidding 400 Points, and doesnt care if he doesnt win the game, as he just loses hands while also preventing me from getting any points.

3) The printed rules, in french, states that the minimum bid is 50. The rules in english states that the minimum bid is 40. Which one is right?

4) When there is a supremacy in effect, can you play a supremacy card in a round even though it does not match the leader's played clan, and even though you have a card of said clan in your hand?
EX : The supremacy in effect is the Red Colored Clan. Lead player plays a blue card. I have a blue card in hand, but I decide to play my Red card. Is this move legal?

Thank you!
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Re: Question about Bidding And Supremacy

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Heya! Glad you passed by our booth this past weekend. :)

1) Yes you can go into negative points. In the previous rules set we had a rule that the game ends if someone hits -500 points. We surveyed the current player base, and the bid-trolls we feared didn't seem to be around, so we omitted this clause from the latest rules set.

2) see answer #1 ;)

3) Depends in what language you play! ;) Just kidding. 50 is the correct one, it's a small typo.

4) You MUST play the clan which led the hand if you CAN. If you CANNOT then you are allowed to play a supremacy card.

Happy gaming! :)
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