Gulveig: Dwarven Kingdoms is LIVE!

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Gulveig: Dwarven Kingdoms is LIVE!

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GUVEIG has summoned the DWARVEN KINGDOMS! As of today, Gulveig, the fast paced trick-taking card game where you bid,bluff and score your way to victory is LIVE! It includes the base game, plus all bonus cards from the expansion. Enjoy classic play, or play with the deck draft variant (among others). ... n-kingdoms

Gulveig is also in distribution, so if your local game shop doesn't have it, you can have them order it for you.


For those of you with a game shop close by, we recommend getting them to order the game for you over buying it online. It helps us get the distribution lines primed and moving. :) Thanks!


Some questions that may come up:
Q1) How many cards in the deck now?
A1) 35

Q1) Are Laufey/Thiassi and Nanna/Freya combos optional?
A1) No they have been added to the core deck due to fan feedback about liking inter-faction supremacies.

Q3) I hear there is a 5th "suit"?
A3) Yes the Dvergar faction adds a whole new clan! The new clan has TWO supremacy combos built into the 7 cards.

Q4) Do the existing suits gain any new cards?
A4) Yes, all of the existing clans get 1 new card, a 7 strength and 1 value card.

Q5) Have any of the original cards changed?
A5) The Supremacy combo values have been lowered by about half. In the "skill vs luck" scale, here was too much luck, so we lowered the supremacy combos to 10-60 points. This was due to a lot of great feedback from trick-taking card game reviewers who tried the game between December and February.

Q6) What about my original card set, can I adjust the values if I want to reduce the luck factor?
A6) Yes this is what we recommend for more skill based play:
Laufey+Thiassi = 60
Nanna + Freya = 60
Gulveig + Dagger = 50
Thor + Mjolnir = 40
Loki + Spear = 30
Hrungnir + Shield = 20
The new Dvergar combos are both 10 points
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