Dirty Fighting

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Dirty Fighting

Post by Ludologist »

I have recently lost a dear friend, a character who was perfectly happy possessing the entire party. Oh, and Puppet Master rules! It seems that if a tree (or ent) falls in the woods and an injured Viking is around, he'll be crushed to death... On the plus side, this character had been brave/crazy/lucky enough to end up being whisked away by the Valkyries (my first character in the heavens. Woot! Fylgia time!). Anyway, on to the new character.

This new character is an Ulfednar, Eater of Eyes (a.k.a. EoE).

I decided that I wanted him to fight dirty. To me, this means that every hit needs to cause one or more debilitating effects. The EoE already causes Blind on the first attack of the round, but I wanted more. I grabbed Brutalize (degeneration) and Pounce (impeded), but even that wasn't enough. In the end, my new Flygia was the key, Render Helpless (vulnerable). For the first attack of the round, drop on as many Multi's as possible to hit EVERYTHING. Oh, and apparently you can amplify it to cause even more ailments.

My new build also gets a bump of power whenever I get bloodied (Cornered Ferocity, Desperation, Unbreakable Mind, oh and Misery Loves Company to further increase my status ailment inflicting ways).

It's a lot of fun to hear the Norn say "Hmm, if I want to do SOMETHING this round, I'm going to need to take that Impeded and Degeneration. You're wasting most of my runes on that Blind and Vulnerable. You have a big bulls eye on you now!"

Oh, and did I mention that I've ensured I can gain Rage decently easily? Hit me! I'll hit you back harder!

Fun fact: Channeling (or in my case Fylgia's Touch) and Misery Loves Company makes for a NASTY combo. You can even pass Rage, or other positive effects along to your allies with it ;)
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Re: Dirty Fighting

Post by ccccFranklin »

Congrats on the Disir level!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What in Odin's beard is an ent?

This looks really cool, can you list out all of the powers/skills and level pls?
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Re: Dirty Fighting

Post by Ludologist »

I found a good picture that summarizes things:
http://th03.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2 ... 54k4q9.jpg

Now imagine the mage quite a bit smaller, and underneath the dead tree-thing...

Oh, and our group has actually FOUND Odin's Beard (I'm not explaining this one; it's a running gag for us because we're all wary of using it).

Now when I started this Ulfednar, I was level 18 or so. Here's what he looks like at level 21 (the powers aren't in order, but it's a legal build):
Eater of Eyes (* indicates Specialization powers)
Essence 12 (4 P, 4M, 3S), Destiny 4 and a Fylgia

* Eye Rake - weak attack +1P and inflict Blind +1
Blood Wolf form - turn into a blood wolf (I tend to not use this in battle unless I really need it)
Fylgia's Kiss - Reduce a condition on myself by 1 and cause the same condition on another +1 (S to counter effect). Has a Combo meta.
Mobile Stance - Attack actions get Reach +1 and I get a +1 move bonus.
Raging Charge - Move action and get Rage +1
Raging Attack - weak attack +1P and get Rage +1
Formulating Attack - weak attack +1P and shift +/-1 in initiative
Fylgia's Fury - It's formulating attack again, but with Cannibalize
Flying Charge - weak attack +1P and Move (any order)
Piercing Attack - Attack with Pierce 4 (this power ROCKS if you need to cut through enemy PF)
Mauling - Unarmed attack with +3P and Pierce 2. Every 5 levels adds +1DF and +2 Pierce. At my level, it's DF 7P Pierce 10. (I also tend to not use this unless I need it. I don't have the reach I need for my build)
Reckless Whirlwind - Minor Sacrifice +2. Attack 3 opponents in reach.
Flanking Attack - Attack with +3DF bonus if the target has been attacked this turn by an ally.

*Sadist - Inflicts Blind +1 on the first hit of the round.
Pounce - Inflicts Impeded +1 on the first hit of the round.
Brutalize - Inflicts Degeneration +1 on the first hit of the round.
Render helpless - Inflicts Vulnerable +1 on the first hit of the round.
Misery loves company - If I'm bloodied and suffering a condition (I use Rage, so it's on!), +1 Intensity when inflicting a condition.
Tactician - Shift +/- 1 in initiative.
Keen Senses - Costs 1 rune less to target a Shrouded foe.
Blood Drinker - During upkeep, Heal +2. Heal an extra +4 if adjacent to a Bloodied foe.
Agility - Can move through foe or debris-occupied hexes.
Desperation - If Bloodied, get +2 DF and +2 Pierce.
Cornered Ferocity - If Bloodied and next to 2 foes, get PF 1P and Parry +2 (I'm generally Raging, so I don't care about the Parry).
Unbreakable Mind - If Bloodied, get PF 1M.
Furious Cohort - Can recognize Raging allies while at max Rage. (This gives my the ability to Fylgia's Touch my allies into Rage and then see them as friends).

I won't write out all the skills, but I will say he has high Perception, Athletics and Sneak.

The only KEY piece of equipment is a weapon with lots of Reach - 3 works very nicely, 2 is just barely acceptable, 4+ is CRAAAAZY awesome.

Core idea of this build - I can reach every enemy on the battlefield and hit them, inflicting at least +1 to the 4 main negative status effects. When I'm bloodied, I get a kick of power. I juggle my Rage using my Fylgia. I almost always have it up, comboed so that my allies can add their runes to make it more powerful. I like to go first in the round and drop everything into my attacks. I then depend on the PF buff from Rage to keep me alive. I've had a few close calls, but he's been pretty tough to kill so far. It doesn't help that for 1 rune in my part, my victims need to spend 5 runes to protect themselves. I hit tons of enemies; I'm Mental-heavy, so I can almost always add 1 or 2 Multi metas.

In the future, my next 4 passives will be:
Rallying Pack Howl, Die Hard, Tactical Advantage, Constitution
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