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Re: Orlog Feedback Thread

Post by andrew »

Right now Permanency is way too easy to obtain, and players ask themselves why Midgard isn't more of a freakshow because of this. We want to reign in Permanency, so a few thoughts:

1) Permanency can only be proc'ed when Gloom is triggered
2) You must be at Madness 4
3) After the fight, every creation gets an "afterlife" style Wyrd to see if they stay permanent

Any and/or all are good way to reign in the odds. Even combinations of the above could be good. Thoughts?

ps. The shapechange spec also needs a Permanency option so your Orlog is constantly evolving into new shapes ;)
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Re: Orlog Feedback Thread

Post by khunkwai »

Not got that far into the new characters yet to really say, but I like idea 3.
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