Which book should I get for the best setting info?

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Which book should I get for the best setting info?

Post by b9anders »

I just discovered FotN:R and I am hooked enough to want to dig in. At this point in time, I am more hooked on the setting than the system, purely because my group has very little interest in adopting a new system at this point in time.

I see that besides the core book there is also "Denizens of the North" and "Lords of the Ash" which seem to be more setting dedicated.

Can someone tell me what kind of setting info I'd get from each book and perhaps give a recommendation for which book gives the best and/or most extensive setting info?

And which book overall, from a system-agnostic perspective, would be the recommend book to get (this is probably the same answer as above, but might not be)?
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Re: Which book should I get for the best setting info?

Post by raleel »

Well, Lords of the Ash is not out yet so, not really an option in any event.

The core book has setting information from p 15-82. it tends toward norse myth and information presented in the eddas, perhaps a bit modified. It gives a pretty high level view of the entire world, and some basics to give the flavor of the world. it has very few earthly personages in it. It has a fair amount of cultural stuff, including some bits about the legendary clans, grave robbing, blots, and a couple of kings talked about in the context of their conflict.

Denizens of the north's setting section extends from p 10-143 before it breaks into the magic items and denizens (themselves quite flavorful, but more crunchy). there is a small section (20 pages) after that on Viking life, and a small (4 page) write up on the skraeling. the section on legends and villains is quite extensive, and each is given a 1-2 page write up with amazing artwork. this extends from p14-98, if you count the small higher powers section in with the characters. the locales section extends for another 30 pages, and there is a 5 page section on secret societies. there is plenty of mineable information in the norn rules as well.

recommendation - Denizens, without a doubt. it is a far beefier book. much more relevant setting information. It is also an amazing book to read - gorgeous to look at. I would absolutely recommend it in print and not just PDF. I have both :)

I took some pictures of it that I would recommend looking at.

my recommendation is the same both ways. Both are excellent books, but from a setting perspective, denizens is far stronger.
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Re: Which book should I get for the best setting info?

Post by bethroth »

I'll second Denizens and echo the sentiment that all of the books are amazing.

Don't forget Fafnir's Treasure, that has a nice little sandbox town. I have fond memories from my adventures in Evingard :)
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