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Feedback thread

Post by theRajjj »

I'm going to use this thread for some feedback that is more general. You'll still get emails from me for everything else. :twisted:

First, bro, thanks for the decks and wow, the playmats were a nice surprise!!! :o We managed to get some games in when I was home for 2 weeks. The playmats make a heck of a difference for orientation and I think you have a winner here. Any plans to make Hel's different? I agree with you that Pokemon playmats are sub-par and not always necessary, but the "value add" as you say call it, is mondo for Vigridr.

Who else thinks Pang, Rime Lance, Muspeli Nightmares, Voelva's Gaze, Yggdrasil's Shadow, Verdant Spring and Vile Thorns need to be general cards? To a lesser degree: Longship of the Damned, Tyrant, Seith Cauldron and Angel of Death. There are some basic effects that everyone needs access to. Your design goal is to make sure that players with the basic box can compete with those who tweak decks using boosters, well these types of effects need to be widely accessible. A great candidate to go into booster expansion is Tormented Blacksmith, no 'effin doubt that's a specialty effect.

Everything is shaping up nicely. Bro how do you find the time to advance all of these projects???

Back on the road Monday.
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Re: Feedback thread

Post by andrew »

Glad you like the playmats buddy, I will add you to a thread Tshober and I have on that exact topic, we can discuss further. I think you may have missed out on the latest rule adjustments for some of the icons.
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