Dealing with RAGE!

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Dealing with RAGE!

Post by bethroth »

Not sure if this is the right forum for this...

Our Ulfhednar has leveled up enough to start raging, and at max Rage, as everyone knows, he cannot discern friend from foe! SCARY! What do you do when your friendly Ulfhednar turns on the party??? I'd love to hear everyone's solutions.
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Re: Dealing with RAGE!

Post by ccccFranklin »

We've used a few methods:
- 4 rank of impeded
- cleansing strike
- possession
- Taunt + Parry all blows for a round
But even if you have any or all of these, you have to PLAN ahead of time LOL!
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Re: Dealing with RAGE!

Post by Stormbani »

I am playing the Rager in our group. The two most common ways I have been pulled out of the euphoric state of Max Rage has been by Possession or Catharsis. Early on the parry all my blows was an option. Now at lvl 19 .. time to run! .. oh wait you can't out run a rager ;-) Have killed two party members in the last little while and have started sleeping with one eye open.

Another option, if I have wyrded Cleansing Attack, and the battle is going ok, I attempt to keep from entering max rage.
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Re: Dealing with RAGE!

Post by Vitotaylor36 »

Our party has a Maiden of Ratatosk, and her Purging Tirade helps knock it down a level. Fortunately, we don't have a rager Ulfhednar, just a wolfen and eater of eyes. But I ran her in training (since we haven't officially started our saga yet) against a rager, and that was her saving grace.

Even still, rage is a BITCH to deal with.
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Re: Dealing with RAGE!

Post by raleel »

there is at least one healing power that can lowers conditions and has a Range meta option.

using abilities to make the friends far away and the foes near by :)
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Re: Dealing with RAGE!

Post by andrew »

FOTN Rage is no simple +2 damage bonus... It's meant to create memories. ;)
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Re: Dealing with RAGE!

Post by lanord »

I've got a fond memory of having a giant Skeletal Vanguard (from the new Lord of the Ash beta testing) sitting on my Rager for a round (equivalent of 4 impeded) to lower its rage to a more manageable level.
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Re: Dealing with RAGE!

Post by Raynidd »

I played a Berserker and out Seithkona constantly had to possess me after combat. Didn't help we had 2 Galdr and 2 Seithkona. They were all squishy for me.
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