Galdr - Putting that Focus to good use

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Galdr - Putting that Focus to good use

Post by Ludologist »

Ok, since I believe he's not going to post it, I'll do it. A friend has found a fun trick to get double Focus added to a Galdr's attacks. It involves two actives Power Overwhelming and Rune Blade (i.e. Conjure Weapon).

How does it work? The order of casting doesn't exactly matter (fun quirk of the system), I like to do it like this:
Power Overwhelming - spell - +4 DF P or +1 Focus to your next Active power. <--obviously you toss your Focus into the DF bonus
Maintained Conjure Weapon - spell - DF = Spiritual trait, Reach = mental trait, Parry = Physical trait <--take your pick, but I often choose damage
You can also perform an Ultimate Sacrifice +1 to halve your damage but now deal Mental or Spiritual damage.

How does this stack?
For traits, let's assume you only have 1 Spiritual rune. Let's say you have 5 Focus.
Power Overwhelming gives your next Active +9 Physical DF (4 base and 5 Focus).
Your Conjured Weapon now deals 15 physical damage (1 S rune, 9 from P.O., 5 Focus). And it's maintained.

This got me thinking, "what else can I do with this?"
You could toss your Focus into the Parry of the spell for a nice, long term defensive option.
Arcane Shield, Enchant Flesh and Power Over Stone are all strong defensive options. I tend to prefer the stone effect, due to it being a long term combat investment.
Rapid Recovery is Tactician on that new Viking wonder drug (i.e. Focus), and it's a solid Upkeep heal too.

Now I delve into Denizens of the North territory. Yikes! Uncharted waters!
With the Blacksmith's help, I can Infuse Conjure Weapon into an Accessory, and now I can play it from my Void rune. Now I'll have TWO weapons with that nasty double Focus bonus, just so long as I cast Power Overwhelming before I conjure each one.
Oh yes, and before I attack I can cast Power Overwhelming and get that nice bonus AGAIN.

Sigh... Just as I finish typing this, I have called down the Nerf bat onto this idea. Power Overwhelming will not affect Conjure Weapon...
I must light some computer bits on fire in mourning.
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Re: Galdr - Putting that Focus to good use

Post by raleel »

Hrm. I see where you are going with this.

So, I think a quick way to knock that down is to not look at it as +9DF, but rather +4DF, +5 Focus acting as DF. This allows it to still be "Focus", thus not stacking with the Focus in Conjure Weapon. I'll agree that is perhaps not what the text actually says, but I think the intention is for that not to stack.

What happens if your focus somehow changes? Does a maintain power go off current Focus, or Focus when you laid the runes?

How about if you have to maintain power overwhelming to get the effect on maintained things? Yes, you can PO your rune weapon, but it is only awesome for one round if you don't maintain it, same with your power over stone notion.
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