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Need tricks to facilitate "Norning"

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:50 pm
by Vismal

I run off and on 1 shots that keeps expanding constantly (since players don't die...oddly enough pulling things out of their hats to survive).
I have a problem with fights that are really stressful as a Norn to keep track of the special initiative order due to the SF.
Is there a way or trick from some experienced Norns on how to facilitate this so I can focus on describing the fights rather than number crunching the initiative?

Re: Need tricks to facilitate "Norning"

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:52 pm
by raleel

Re: Need tricks to facilitate "Norning"

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:57 pm
by Vismal
Thanks for the quick reply Raleel. I'll be doing some Ragnarok as soon as I can gather a group that wants to try it (thinking of luring some of the more Tabletoppy players into Pen/paper style gaming with Ragnarok).

However, I was wondering for 1e FOTN, the one with SF (speed factors), where you have 100 within your round to split up, but you can "bleed" over to the next round if you go over your 100 or move faster if you stay under (like 3 swings of a 30 SF weapons you got 10 left, putting you at 10 less than your usual 100).

Was looking for a way to perhaps simplify it. (It's really dynamic though and I like that, but would like tricks that may improve my trade)

Re: Need tricks to facilitate "Norning"

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 7:17 pm
by theRajjj
I think I can help bro!

Probably very few peeps know 1e... great ol' fun!
First have a math savvy player handle it for you... some players can rock out the math in their heads. Two, you use sum excel file on phone, tablet or laptop. Third use the 100 segment time slices so every player manages their own math. last ask Andrew for his DOS EXE file that managed it back in the day pre-2005.

Re: Need tricks to facilitate "Norning"

Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:28 pm
by Vismal
Thanks TheRajjj, I'll send a PM to Andrew then (will scour the forums and find him).

EDIT: pretty easy to find off members list, but I can't seem to send private messages yet as I am a newly registered user. Will just hope this gets noticed. I will try and allow the players to keep track of scores instead of myself and see if that flies.