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Re: URGS Beta Primer

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We just had another Vangard test a few nights ago, it was really great. The game is coming together nicely and so is the URGS. We ran an entire adventure in about an hour, everyone participated in the story and at the end people had fun. The rules are still in a big state of change, but they are on the right track. :) Vanagard Kickstarter coming in 2016. :)
Where can we get the rules?
Eventually we will have an open BETA. Right now we're in close ALPHA because we're still in late design stages, tweaking after every game play.
Kids had a hard time with RGS
What age group? We've run games with youths as young as 11 that picked up the game after a 15 minute intro. Did you use the "generic/cinematic" actions? One way that very young kids get it (under 11) is be explaining "just tell me what you want to do" for every verb, you make them play a rune.
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