Double Deck Gulveig

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Double Deck Gulveig

Post by raleel »

Am I wrong here, or could you do two deck Gulveig and play pinochle? I found some Tukstantis rules online, and it's very similar. I played my first three hands last night after playing the kickstarter, and it reminded me strongly of pinochle in the 3 hand mode.

One of my players did not like it, mostly because he did not like supremacy, I think, and how it pretty much gave you a hand (in his estimation). My feeling is that a double deck model would remove some of the difficulties with that.
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Re: Double Deck Gulveig

Post by andrew »

I know from beta testing that for some players the base game doesn't offer enough variance in score and control. We added the 2 extra supremacies to add that X-factor (Laufey+Thiassi and Freya+Idunn). They definitely add more competitive bidding and a lot more opportunity for supremacy swings.

I haven't tried putting two decks together, try it out and let us know! :)
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