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Question from a player...

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Patrick Thompson says:

I just received my deck but I have a few rule questions that aren't very clear:

1. It says that bidding starts at 90 for 3 payers. What about 2 and 4 players?

2. The rules say that a matching pair of cards can claim supremacy and can win a hand even if they don't match the clan colour that was initially played.

- Initially played when...the first card of that hand or that round? If it's that round, doesn't each round have a new suit associated with it depending on what leads or is the very first card of the hand always the suit to beat (with the exception of supremacy)?

3. In these matches: which clans have supremacy after showing the match? Does it depend on which one you decide to play after showing?

1) 2 player bidding starts at 50 and 3 & 4 player games have bidding start at 90. This is to add some tension allowing for chance at failure even if you are the first bidder and everyone else passes.

2) Initially played in the round. So when someone leads off a round with a card (1st of 2 or 3 cards to be played in a round) the clan played is the clan to match ("follow suit" rules in classic card games). If your card played doesn't match the clan of the initial card played, your card's combat strength is reduced to 0 (unless your card has supremacy, in which case it retains its combat strength and also gains a +7).

3) There can only be 1 instance of Nanna (Laufey, Thiassi and Freya) in a deck. When you choose to play with the alternate versions (Valknutt symbol next to the card name), you remove the original versions from the deck. For these particular pairings you can play the supremacy in 1 of 2 ways:
- After showing the pair, the card dropped onto the table is the suit that gains supremacy. This is the streamlined version where the player doesn't need to explicitly state the trump/supremacy. The card played determines the colour. It is also the more "hardcore" version, because you will most likely loose the card (it has low combat strength).
- Or you can allow the player to verbally state which of the two clans gains supremacy when they show the pair. They can then play either card, allowing them to preserve the trump in their hand if they so choose. This is the more "casual" style of play.

Hope this answers the questions! These types of questions are great, because it helps us update the rules PDF with extra clear text.
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