Denizen Active Power Doubt

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Denizen Active Power Doubt

Post by richievh »

Hello to all,

I am planning on running the adventure and have come across some doubts interpreting a denizen's active powers section.

Let's get the Rusalki on p. 80/81...

Its 'Visage of Horrors' power says it deals Damage Factor +2 Mental damage. Does this mean it deals 2 Mental Damage or that it deals its weapon's damage factor plus 2?

Also, how do I calculate Muspeli Nightmares' damage? Is it 2 default or is it Weapon Dr +2 mental?

Also, when an action like the Backstab Action on the Zealots says 'perform an atack action with a +3 physical damage bonus' does it means that particular action deals weapon's dr +3 or 3 damage?

Is the interpretation to be the same on both cases?
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Re: Denizen Active Power Doubt

Post by andrew »

Heya Richievh,

Weapon damage is only added in when you perform an Attack action. So any power that has some straight up damage, that becomes the base damage. So VoH, MN no weapons are added (but Focus is added since they are spells). The backstab action is a {manoeuver} and says Attack action, so you'd add the weapon DF to any damage bonuses.

I hope that clears things up! :)
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