Galdr - The unsung 80's Superhero

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Galdr - The unsung 80's Superhero

Post by Ludologist »

Our Norn has warned us to create backup characters because we are about to travel to the land of the dead and he doesn't expect anyone to come back alive, or at all I would guess. I have a bunch of build ideas running wild in my mind, but I usually try to Wyrd for background before I make a character more seriously. I drew a benevolent, unknown hero, confidant who's got strong social ties with a Godi. For some strange reason, this screams "80's superhero" to me, so I'm going to build a forgotten demi-god with his very own Godi fanboy or fangirl.

The archetype that looks most suitably superheroish to me is the Galdr (I really don't know why; that Maiden can crank out the taunting one-liners).
I wanted a character that uses alkas and pushes people around a lot. I also wanted a potential game changer defensive power; something that would protect the entire party in a dramatic way. Here are the crunchy bits (I cut out the non-themed filler that glues this all together).

Captain Planelet (he's a hero)
Enchanter Galdr - Level (don't know yet, but say 20 for now) Essence 14, Destiny (whatever I can get), Fylgia = necessary
Super Powers
Beckon Yggdrasil (Enchanter Alka that Shrouds and Auras)
Beckon Muspelheim (Alka that Blinds and Degens; echo!)
Beckon Jotunheim (Alka that Impedes and Degens)
Stitch Kindred (Divide damage equally between all affected, heal effects benefit everyone fully)
Power Overwhelming (+4 DF physical or +1 Focus on next rune chain)

Reckless Thundering Blow (Minor Sacrifice +1, push 2 hexes)
Aggressive Assault (weak attack +1 DF and push 2 hexes)
Power over Wind (4 Physical damage, Push 4 hexes)

Looking at the above, I decided he was missing a catchy theme song. Enemies should only stand in awe of his mighty awesomeness:
Cross archetype (Skald) – Melody of Discord (3M damage, MPierce 2)

The only two passives that really fit the theme are:
Alka Mastery (Major Sacrifice +1 to recover all alka tokens consumed this turn)
Explosive Rune (DF +1, Knockback +1)

Everything else boosts self-healing (which should be great with Stitch Kindred), mobility (Fleet Footed, Tactical Advantage, Combat Maneuverability), damage or defense.

Gear is not terribly important to me right now, though I see him wielding a spear that he stabs into the ground when he thins the barrier between worlds. I would certainly appreciate any thoughts or even catchy theme songs.
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Re: Galdr - The unsung 80's Superhero

Post by theRajjj »

That is hilarious, that is the dweller I am running now, albeit with Disir 4! I will drop a longer reply tomorrow, I need to head out now. Ludo, so far pretty bitchen!

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Re: Galdr - The unsung 80's Superhero

Post by theRajjj »

So here is my toon: SKRILVIDR

Skrilvidr was born of a half-troll human father and a troll mother, so his blood runs thick with troll life force. His special nature has made him sensitive to the magical currents that surround Yggdrasil, and rune magic is second nature to him. Standing at 11' tall, he is neither hard to miss nor forget. His warband values his violent prowess in physical combat, but he does rely on them when faced with mental or spiritual warfare. While travelling he has a great mix of skills that helps inform the adventuring party of key info.

Level 11 Disir 4 Galdr Enchanter
Troll Blooded
Essence 5
Destiny 2
P: 1
M: 3
S: 3
Size: 7
Move: 6 (armor encumbrance)

Rune: Scorn Pole
Commune with the Dead
Lore: Personas
Lore: Locales

Tap the Source
Giant Size +3 (Keen Aptitude x2)
Rune of Reinforcement
Die Hard

Beckon: Yggdrassil -- indespensibe
Aggressive Assault
Precision Attack
Defensive Stance
Cleansing Attack -- really really important

Troll Banded Mail (Size: 7, PF: +3, Parry: +1)
Tower Shield (Size: 6, Parry: +6)
Bardiche (Size: 6, DF: +4, Pierce: +2, Reach: +1) -- damaged weapons happen, so best go with reach >1, but because I use Aura (Tap the Source), I want to be in their face

Total DF: 4
Total Pierce: 2
Total PF: 4 (5 with DS)
Total Parry: 7 (with 3 runes in hand can parry 21 points in a round)

Tactics: Get Aura up at max asap and use Shroud to keep mental and spiritual attackers deterred. He also has high M & S Traits, so good for defending against those types of attacks. High PF and Parry means he can face tank opponents and he has decent dps, his ability to push opponents pretty much every turn in the real threat. His mobility is amazing for level 11, so he can get to all the battlefield skirmishes easily. He also has some autonomy with Die Hard if his allies cannot reach him. Actually for level 11 he is a voracious monster.

Next level-up would be to save the level and get an Extra Destiny in 2 levels.
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Re: Galdr - The unsung 80's Superhero

Post by andrew »

With that size, I shudder to think what you could accomplish with a Blacksmith in the group! Yes the Blacksmith is almost ready for prime time and will make an appearance in Denizens of the North. He has just been too powerful and kept needing a beat down with the nerf bat! ;-)

But seriously, we also had to make the crafting the infusing as simple as possible. Now it's just two skills instead of the half dozen or more we had in the beta. Closed beta for DotN will be ending soon and I'll post about the open beta soon.

ps. Both builds are great guys! :)
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Re: Galdr - The unsung 80's Superhero

Post by Stormbani »

You need a Wood Effigy to sing your praises while you run around pushing people to their DOOOOooooooMMM
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Re: Galdr - The unsung 80's Superhero

Post by ccccFranklin »

Stormbani wrote:You need a Wood Effigy to sing your praises while you run around pushing people to their DOOOOooooooMMM
Storm I am running an effigy Galdr now, and need advice! Can you post some good effigy/galdr builds?
If you need a Skald, I posted on earlier. ;)
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