FotN:R update for RGS3

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FotN:R update for RGS3

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Hi Y'all,

Since the release of CoE I and an associate have been working on a conversion guide to bring all (or at least most) of the vikings content from FotN:R and DotN into RGS 3. Basically this involves: updating all the active and passive powers to add rank ups and bring them in line with recent rules changes, Adding social ability boards to all the archetypes, totally revamping the skills boards to account for the new way skills work and the vast number of new skills, revamping the passive boards to add social passives, and developing some new social abilities for each specialization. This is all officially sanctioned, Andrew knows about it and the plan is to release it as a future Kickstarter stretch goal.

I am ready to start receiving playtesting feedback, so here is the first batch of content. This covers the Galdr, Maiden of Ratatoskr, Skald, Druid, Sceadugengan, and Grizzled Warrior. I still need to fill in the outer ring abilities for Druid and Sceadugengan, that will happen in the next few days. After that I will add the Fardrengr, Seithkona, Blacksmith, and Stalo to it (those were done by my associate). Berserker and Ulfadnar are still a work in progress. Please let me know if you use any of this material in your home games and you can post any playtesting feedback here or PM me.
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