House Rule: RGS 2.0 Social Skills

What are your RGS house rules?
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House Rule: RGS 2.0 Social Skills

Post by Orcadius »

In order to avoid setting up a fourth board for Dweller creation (my players tend to examine every possible combination on each board), I developed the following house rule.

First, we use the base FotN:R core social standing table (as it handily offers background, gear and wealth in one table). Each social rank gets its own passive, attack and defense social talents, speeding up character generation. As far as advances are concerned, the player has the option to either add passive, active and skill ranks, or one social power (each of passive, attack and defense) of their choice.

It’s imperfect, sure, and only continued play will determine the potential for abuse; on the other hand, it offers the player an incentive to innovate with the new mechanics.
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Re: House Rule: RGS 2.0 Social Skills

Post by andrew »

I think that's a very interesting and creative way of approaching this! Keep us up to date on how it works out please.
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