Immortals confusion

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Immortals confusion

Post by Valkling »

Hello everyone,

I'm a little confused about Immortals in Lords of the Ash. It says that there are three new Immortal types on the back but as far I can tell there is only one new, the Valkyrie, however I noticed that it makes reference to the Ran's Chosen who sound like an Immortal type. To me it looks like the Valkyrie, Ran's Chosen and some other third (Rime Jotun aligned?) immortal were planned. Was the plan originally to have three brand new Immortals that fell through? Did they get pushed out in favor of fleshing out immortal rules in general?

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Re: Immortals confusion

Post by Balasar »

I could be wrong on this, but I BELIEVE it's advertised as 3 new archetypes since in the Core Rulebook, Einherjar and Son of Muspel were "Aspects," rather than full blown archetypes. The original versions are 3x3 boards meant to supplement your mortal powers/skills, much like the Troll Blood aspect. In contrast, LOTA has them as full blown classes with 5x5 boards (7x7 if you have fylgia or Valkyrie) that you can use almost, if not entirely, in place of your mortal boards. They are also completely revamped, with tons of unique powers and skills, not to mention fairly OP metas.

That said, Ran's Chosen and a Rime equivalent of Sons of Muspel, or maybe even an immortal from Folkvangr would be really exciting, and kind of runs in the same vein as a thus topic I started recently about in game alternatives to Valhalla and Glassisvellir. My guess would be they're planned for future books.
Also, I suppose for Folkvangr and the Rime immortals, you could probably just use Einherjar and Son of Muspel with different flavor text. For instance, all the Conflagration weapon actives on Son of Muspel could be written as creating a weapon out of ice or out of a sort of cold fire.

Long story short, 3 new Immortal "Archetypes" are Valkyrie, Einherjar, Son of Muspel, yes it seems like there should be 2 more, on the other hand goddam do we need even more of these things lol?
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Re: Immortals confusion

Post by andrew »

Yes a few bits got left on the editorial cutting room floor since LotA was the most dense book ever and all of the art needed to be shrunk just to fit most of it in. The material that was cut will show up in a future book, rest assured. :)

Balasar is right, they are full archetypes now.
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