Valhalla Alternatives

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Valhalla Alternatives

Post by Balasar »

Ok, so we know that if you don’t go to Niflheim and your soul isn’t bound to Midgard by magic or unfinished business, you go to one of the heavens. Follower of the Aesir go to Valhalla when they die, and Jotun worshippers go to Glassisvellir. Lords of the Ash also talks about how people who drown/die at sea go to Ran in Drekjahalla (I’d assume this is also a default heaven for Vanir worshippers?).

But are there any other heavens? For instance, does Bergelmir have the Rime Jotun equivalent of Surt’s Glassisvellir? Where do people who prefer to worship the Alfar or the Dvergar go after death?

Side Note: when talking about the Implore a Higher Power Action, The Core Rulebook mentions that Wight Sovereigns can count as a lesser Higher Power. If someone wanted to play a devotee of some undead superpower, would they just change the flavor text on Angel of Death? And would they auto fail their afterlife check when the Wight comes to eat their soul?
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Re: Valhalla Alternatives

Post by Panjumanju »

You seem to have all the information about afterlife locations put out in Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok. The rest, I think, is up to you the GM. (You can't say there isn't enough setting material in the system!)

Anyway any one of those questions sound like great meta plots for a FotN adventure.

Worshiping either set of Alfar just seems like a bad idea. I mean, I can see why people would (there's a fair amount of documentation about people worshiping fairies and elves in real life) but you're right there does not seem to be any good end-game to it. Personally I would take it in the direction of a human assumption that they'll be able to go to Alfgard when they die, because Alfgard is gorgeous compared with the state of Midgard in Fimbulwinter, but I wouldn't expect the Alfar would agree to that. Unless one in particular has, and the rest oppose it?

If you're not taking this for a campaign idea, I am.

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