BETA materials via theGameCrafter
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How would you handle beta components?

Dollar store + cannibalize other boardgame components
Buy the kit at cost from the
Other (mention in comments)
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BETA materials via theGameCrafter

Post by andrew »

Some who've joined the BETA have suggested that they would rather pay for pre-made components, rather than cannibalize boardgame they already own. TheGameCrafter is a company that we used to do some print-on-demand cards for Vigridr (our CCG in development) and they also have boardgame components. If we went that route, and I think we will eventually, the components would be priced at cost. I'm wondering how much demand there is at this early point in the BETA.

Regardless of the options, we will FedEx a neoprene board to the beta testers.
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Re: BETA materials via theGameCrafter

Post by Balasar »

What sort of components are we talking about? Like minis and hex mats and alka tokens and what have you?
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