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Couple questions about the Riding Skill Table in denizens of the north.

At rank 3, you “Can ride a monstrous quadruped.” Would that be basically anything that’s not a standard beast of burden? In other words, would that mean wolves, bears, boars, etc.? Or is it the truly monstrous things, like a Krampus or a catacomb dragon?

Assuming it does include things like wolves and boars and such, does that mean a Fardrengir needs at least 3 ranks in riding to be able to use any of the mount type thanes that aren’t military war horses?

There’s no mention anywhere in the explanation of the skill that flying mounts have different rules than earth-bound ones, but the the combat bonus for 4 ranks in riding is that attacks and spells can be performed normally while on a flying mount. Is the implication that that penalty doesn’t go away for flying mounts at rank 1, as it does for other mounts? Are there any other rule differences between terrestrial and airborne mounts?
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