Shadow Skui Active Powers question

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Shadow Skui Active Powers question

Post by Kraken »

Shadow Skui has 2 passive powers on the active board (fleet-footed and carried by blood). Is that an error?


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Re: Shadow Skui Active Powers question

Post by andrew »

ugh... good catch! Every time I think we're complete on the errata list... LOL!

Thanks Kraken, you have a good eye! I will add the corrections to the Errata thread. I have a few ideas what we can replace them with, but I'm open to some cool suggestions from the players. :) Thoughts?
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Re: Shadow Skui Active Powers question

Post by theRajjj »

HA! I can't believe I missed this one too! HAHA! Andrew will you add this to the Errata?

My vote for the bottom left would be: Shadow Step

My vote for bottom right: Spiritual Abortion
But if you don't want to dupe the Fire Skui too much then: Shrink
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