Light and Range

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Light and Range

Post by dafelsheim »

So, I have a question. The vast majority of the encounter I'm currently running has the map in total darkness. How do you guys handle these situations?

For melee/unarmed combat, I first decide if the character would have an idea of whether or not an opponent is nearby and if so, in what general direction. If they have an idea, I let them try to make an attack but apply the Blind condition.

The issue I'm having with when ranged combat is concerned. How would you guys handle this?
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Re: Light and Range

Post by andrew »

I treat the attacks as blind & shroud, so the combatant needs to play rune(s) to get a sense of where the target is. As for movement in absolute darkness, I draw a random rune behind the Norn screen: on red they veer too far left, blue is right on, and green is too far right.
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