amount of runes

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amount of runes

Post by Rogier79 »

I have a question.
On page 85 it states that you need 2 runes each of the 3 groups to have what avarage human has.
So if you would play a avarage human you would need 6 runes, just to be avarage.
That doesn't make sense, seeing what the usual power level is people start at.
Am I missing something?
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Re: amount of runes

Post by raleel »

Normal humans start at 6 runes. Under that, you are hindered in some fashion. You might be mentally deficient or a weakling, or perhaps a child.

Heroes in FOTN are supposed to be bigger than life. They _start_ at this level. A level 10 hero could have 6 Essence and 2 Destiny and he'd be equivalent roughly to a fresh off the farm warrior. A level 24 hero (16 essence, 4 destiny) is going to be a superhero among the common folks. He's going to have probably 5 in 2 colors and 6 in a third. He's going to be the stuff of legends already.

You can start them higher. I like starting my characters at level 12, which gives them 6 runes and 3 destiny. They have plenty of room to grow up to level 72 (24 essence, 24 destiny).

If you think to yourself "Vikings, but anime Vikings with giant axes and swords" I think that captures the default theme well. If you took Fist of the North Star (the anime), draped it in snow, chain armor, and axes, you would get pretty close to how it looks - at least to me.
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Re: amount of runes

Post by andrew »

The recommended starting level is 8-12. Most anyone level 1-7 is "joe-average" of the world. At level 8 you can have 1 Destiny and 6 Essence, so perhaps 2 runes in each Trait. Where you begin usually depends on how many variables you think your players can handle. Every Essence grants them an active powers, a passive power and a skill. 4 Essence means 12 variables. Skill ranks aren't much to track, but the powers do add up in combat situations. If you have D&D or PAthfinder players, you'll be ok, but if you have players used to minimalist characters sheets you may want to ease them in. RGS is somewhere between both types of systems.
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