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 Post subject: 2016 Saga Quintology
PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:01 am 
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So we've finally ironed out the membership to the weekly game group who will be the first to play-through of the 2016 Saga Quintology (name TBD- suggestions welcome). The high level plans are for it to be a quintology because I want 1 book for pre-Ragnarok adventures, and a book for every individual age of Ragnarok. The reason there won't be a 6th book for the world after Ragnarok is because in the grand roadmap, that's the next edition.

Each book will be a sandbox adventure that spans all of the Realms. There will be a timeline of major events, and those will progress with or without the player involvement. There will be major quests and side quests, each with repercussions on the world events, politics, who lives and who dies, etc. The closest parallel I can compare this to is The Great Pendragon Campaign, but less linear. The first book will open with the players taking the time to define their own home town. Since they grew up there, they get to define the parameters such as population, main areas of commerce, geography, religious tolerance, and nefarious activities.

Anyhow, for my group, I want to list some of the royal family tree so they can wrap their heads around who's who. A lot of named popped up in the last session.

Your local karl is Forsefni and his Jarl is Eric Farmann of Vestfold (where your town of Olheim is located).

Harald Fairhair (formerly known as Tanglehair) is the High King. He had many wives. Bjorn Farmann is the result of his union with Svanhild.

Harald's first child was Erik (mother Ragnhild). Erik's wife is Gunnhild (the one with the poker face).

The High Queen is Gyda and she has had many sons with Harald: Alof, Hroerek, Sitrygg, Frothi and Thorgils. Frothi and Thorgils are the youngest and those are the ones you saved from the assassination plot.

Hakon in a low-born prince, the result of Harald's affair with a serving wench named Snowfrith.

The war on the Eastern front is the attempt to capture Svealand. The Jarl who opposes Harald is named Bjorn Eriksson and he's putting up a hell of a fight.

Lastly you learned about Rognvald. He is the son who came about when Harald was ensorcelled by Snowfrith. He was sent against Jarl Bjorn Eriksson, but switched sides and is now leading the court of sorcerers in Uppland.

I will bring the big map next session.


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