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Resource hunt: Omens
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Author:  Test3891 [ Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Resource hunt: Omens

I am on the hunt for omens! Anyone have any resources they would like to share or could point me towards some media?

Gearing up to run my first campaign and I would love to play up the cryptic nature of higher powers influencing events through uncertain means.

Author:  andrew [ Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Resource hunt: Omens

FYI, Omens and Portents gets an evolution in Lords of the Ash

Omens / Portents
[Difficulty +1, Spiritual]
This skill allows someone to discern eldritch signs and their meanings. During the dark times of Ragnarok, destiny has been woven tightly by the Norns: portents of the future are plentiful…if one knows how to read them. Success indicates that the dweller knows that the sign is an omen and not a random worldly occurrence. Additional success allows the dweller to glean more details about future events from the omen. The Difficulty Rating is determined by the Norn.
Norn driven omens may come in the form of a dream, a sudden vision or hearing a specific sound in the distance. Omens may also be initiated by players having their dwellers cast runes, enter an herb-induced trance, interpreting bone/blood drops or reading someone's palm. The Norn and the players are encouraged to come up with thematic actions in order to resolve this skill.
For every rank in Omens/Portents the dweller may learn the true meaning behind 3 omen-related key words. It is best to choose words pertaining to different scenarios so that a wider range of omens will be made clear. This will be a shared dictionary between the player and the Norn. When performing an Omens / Portents skill check, for every success, the Norn will use one of the agreed upon words for the meaning. The Norn will also use many more words which may mean something different than one of the established meanings in the table below, but will none the less choose words carefully so that they convey reasonable meaning. An astute player should be able to decipher some if not most of the cryptic portent.

The redux skill has several new tables for fortunes and meanings, but if you just need an extensive source, try this:

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