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PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 10:50 am 

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Hey everyone,

Here is a recap of the game we are running at the moment.

It all started in our hometown Olheim, which is a central port for travellers everywhere to come and do commerce. Olheim is surrounded with forests and mountains on one side and the open sea on the other, it is known for it's market, shipwrights and mining. It is flooded every year with vikings from all over the land who seek adventure and treasure. Not all is well in Olheim, as some foul sect took refuge in town who is trying to convert it's citizens to it's religious beliefs. Another kept secret is the black market that brings the shadiest individuals to our town.

We are adventurers of the north who have been sanctioned by the King to build a new fleet of boats, some of us are born and raised in Olheim and others from faraway lands who have personal reasons and goals for being in Olheim.

High King Harald Fairhair set foot in Olheim with his sons and wife, as well as over 1000 of his followers. In the first meeting, the King was escorted to the main halls by Braham and Gaut, 2 of the companions, and the King Erik and 2 of the princes, Frothi and Thorgils were escorted by the rest of the companions, Eerriki and Sigurlina for a visit of the town.

During that visit, 6 assassins ambushed us and tried to assassinate the royal family, but they were unlucky, as the adventurers seemed too powerful for them and killed each and everyone of them. Another wave of these bandits were hiding around, tried to escape but were also intercepted by the adventurers and killed.

With the power of Eerriki, the Angel of death, we were able to extract information from the dead and learn about a plot to annihilate the royal family and kill the High King Harald. The information was relayed to the King who suggested that one of his sons, Rognvald, had betrayed him and he might be the culprit in this attempt at his life.

The group decided to plan another escort of the Kings sons, but this time, it would be with fake kids and the goal is to lure out remaining attackers. Things did not go as planned, as the two innocent kids in the escort were killed and favours with the King might've been lost. But the purpose of the plan was achieved, assassins were lured and killed, and information about the whereabouts of Grimnir was discovered.

Eerriki left the party and the companions decided to go to the port to find a warehouse in which Grimnir was supposed to be hiding. The warehouse was heavily guarded, the owner stepped out to greet the adventurers in a less than favourable stance. Braham stepped forward to question him, but suddenly, out of nowhere, a flying skeletal creature fell from the sky on one of the guards. That is when everyone was surprised and a fight started. Yet again, the companions were too powerful for enemy, who begged for them to stop. The flying creature flew away and the enemy leader was questioned. It was discovered that Grimnir was fleeing in one of the boats.

The party then left to the harbour and found the ship that is starting to go underwater, they then saw the same flying creature come from under the ship and fly away. It was utter panic on the ship, everyone was jumping from on board and swimming to the shore. Grimnir was nowhere to be found.

Sigurlina, who had hightened senses, saw Grimnir trying to flee from the commotion, she ran after him, told him to trust her and follow her to her house. Her intentions were noble, but actions were a mistake. While everyone was trying to find Grimnir and bring him back to the king, she disguised him and helped him flee the town. When the party decided to find her, with the help of Ragnar the wolf, she told them about what happened. They escorted her to the King, told him what transpired, her reasons for doing so, which were to prevent more bloodshed and how she accomplished the escape. The King told them to go home and come back the next day to find out what their punishment will be.

Each of the adventurers went home and in the middle of the night, Sigurlina heard a knock at her door, it was Eerikki who had a question to ask. After his interrogation, he turns around and sees a band of miscreants who were looking for Sigurlina, seeing her, they attack. Herself, Eerikki and Ragnar defended themselves. Eerikki, then questioned one of the bandits who told him that Braham, one of the adventurers who sent them. Eerikki then flew to Brahams house and burned it down while he is sleeping.

Braham was able to flee from his house and the companions spent the night on their own personal adventures. The next morning, they went to see the king to receive their punishment, they were expecting to be killed, but because of the fact that they saved his sons a day before, he decided to be lenient and give them a mission to redeem themselves. They had to deliver some weapons and slaves to another town in the north.

While gathering the weapons from the blacksmiths of Olheim, they discovered that these weapons were actually desecrated, they were dug from the dead's graves and were being sold. Eerikki, the Angel of death could not fathom what was happening and had to discover who is behind this. The group started questioning the blacksmiths when one of them who seemed nervous was found to be guilty after questioning. He was being sold these weapons by some cult who are going against the wishes of Hel.

The party spoke to the king about delaying their own mission to find out more about the cult, he gave them some time to do so. They decided to go bury the weapons, while doing so, they were approached by a group of people who were heading for a funeral, but they turned out to be disguised assassins who attacked the group. They were easily dispatched and questioned.

The cult is based in the mountain, most of their members are from Olheim, some even in power positions. Something had to be done about them, they needed to be destroyed at the source. A trip to the mountain was planned for the next day, in the meantime, it was time to gather more information.

The group was split, it was discovered that if someone wanted to infiltrate the cult, they had to be sponsored by 2 of it's ranking members. The party excluding Eerikki, Sigurlina and Ragnar got access to one of the sponsors with their underground contacts and went to get the second one. Ragnar went into the forest to scout, Sigurlina gathered some herbs and concocted some potions and Eerikki decided to gather some more information on his own, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time though, he went to one of their bases without knowing it and was ambushed and knocked unconscious.

The rest of the party, through their investigation, decided to go the same tavern that Eerikki was, to get their last sponsorship, but they were also ambushed, 3 of the members were killed and all the enemies were destroyed. It was an unfortunate night, but now, they are getting closer to their goal...



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PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 6:20 pm 
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My Character Backstory

Einar Hoskuldson,20 years old. Word of Wisdom Godi.(Thor, Magni, Heimdall and Baldur as patrons.)

Born in Olheim, My father got kill in a freak storm when we were hunting at the base of the mountain. I was about 8, no one know what happen and how I survive. Since then I have a Raven tattoo covering my upper left chest and I seem to always remember what I have heard, seen or read. To help bring in skatt, I became a street performer. When I was 10, during one of my show, I meet Berg Aeskelson, a thief, with him I learn to haggle with merchants. While I was occupying them with the negotiation he would steal some merchandise that he would share later with me and my family. We worked together for 2 years before Menglod, leader of the market, took notice and hired me. That was about 8 years ago. Now, I work as a Foreign Import Merchant in is empire. On one of the voyage, going to Gronland from Islandia with a ship full of ore, we saw in the distance a longship with Draugar and Haugbui aboard, it might have been the infamous Longship of the Damned. We decided not to confront them. Especially with the green guard we had just hired for this voyage.

Laurent Sauvé

PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:43 pm 

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This sounds fun!
I'll see if anyone will chronicle our weekly game that starts in 2 weeks.

Even though you guys lost some characters last session I hope that a few made it into Valhalla!

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