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VikingsLive! A review
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Author:  raleel [ Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:13 am ]
Post subject:  VikingsLive! A review

So I went to see Vikings Live last night at the local theatre. Here is my quick review

If you already know a lot about vikings, and very likely if you read this board, you won't be learning much. You might get a tidbit here or there, but probably not :)

The slightly longer review is this:
1) You get to see lots of viking stuff, although not as much I think you'd like. they did have some interesting ship parts, and some unique pieces. The statue of the female carrying the sword was pretty excellent. The ship building part is pretty solid as well - I wish they would have spent more time on that.
2) They need to fire Bettany Hughes, or at least keep her from every doing a viking thing again. She gets far far too excited for a documentary, and it really spoils the seriousness of it. Call upon some famed British restraint. She had the same problem in her Icelandic sagas one that I found on youtube.
3) in between sections, they had this heavily bearded wavy haired man with a Mjolnir amulet and a plain black shirt quoting parts of the literature in a vaguely norse accent. It was supposed to be ominous, I think, but it seemed rather more weird and maybe creepy.
4) They used clips from the History channel's Vikings. Now, I like Vikings a lot, and own all of it, and rabidly wait for it, and follow at least a couple of the stars on Twitter, and even played their facebook game this year, but... well... BBC documentary material it is not :)
5) The head guy for the exhibit is a giant fanboy. I think the stunt of him wearing all the stuff was childish, but I can appreciate his enthusiasm. I am not sure i would have done any different, but it was still a giddy school boy. He even said he remembered coming to the last big viking thing they put on when he was a kid.

sum up - worth $15? probably not, but meh, there is worse :)

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