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PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2019 8:03 am 
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Exactly, so long as your reasoning makes sense you can use the rules as needed. They key is being consistent with the chosen interpretation.


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Audun wrote:
andrew wrote:
As written/intended/designed, it gets a recast during upkeep so you can pick a new target and the original one may be out of range.


Dirty little secret, despite taking years to design and balance the game, I also am fast and loose with the ruling at my game table. ;)

Oh yeah, we sat together alot as well, houseruling alot of maintained stuff to make it work like we imagined it instead of going painstakingly accurate with the RAW and deciding for 1 interpretation.
E.g. The aforementioned Bonesnapper was rather a "stick to the target and snaps his bones in subsequent rounds as well", as that made most practical sense for us (if one can speak of sense when regarding mystical effects, heh).
Or a maintained Armor up spell form the Gadr worked that way - easier to imagine that the Galdrs rune-enchanted armor is encrusted with Earth spirits as long as he maintains the spell than them changing targets each round.

OTOH, almost all maintained Skaldr songs were deemed to behave like Zones around the Skaldr singing: Affecting everyone every round around him when maintained, thus basically encouraging the team to stick close "to the bard" to get their "buffs" and encouraging the Skaldr to use some Friend/Foe meta to ensure he wont buff unfriendly dwellers as well.

This makes sense to me as well. I'd rather give the PCs some fluidity about the magic as long as it is growing from the feeling of the scene-work and the characters. The rules will still provide limits (a certain number of runes need to be devoted to the spell, the Maintain ties up an extra rune and so on), so even if the application is a little loose, there is still resource management at stake.

Thanks for your thoughts on this!

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