Possession and contingency

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Possession and contingency

Post by mrockey28 »

I've seen in other posts such as this one that when possessed, you can still use your runes for contingency during upkeep. But there is not a lot of information about this, and there are several suggested ways to take advantage of this, so I wanted to make sure that I am playing possession in 100% valid manner.

Let's say I'm a Seithkona with possession level 2. The last round just ended and we've wyrded. At this point, I've drawn 6 runes, 2 of each trait, which means that 4 of those runes would be possessed if we moved into the action phase. At this point (in Upkeep), can I put all six runes into contingency in some combination, along with whatever free metas I get for Possession+Seith Spells, bypassing the possession completely? In theory I could do this every turn.... I don't see a lot of people suggesting this tactic, which is why I'm worried that perhaps it is not valid for whatever reason.
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Re: Possession and contingency

Post by Balasar »

Personally, I’d rule that you Can’t utilize possessed runes by any means. You might rule that a friendly spirit allows you to use your runes normally, but otherwise, I’d say that you lose access to those things. Doesn’t make sense to me that you’d be able to use runes in contingency that have already been taken over by a hostile spirit. That’s just my 2¢ though.
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Re: Possession and contingency

Post by andrew »

Heya, late to the party, sorry! The 5e book layout kept me busy with blinders the last month.

OK, so while there are some posts that allow the runes to be used via Contingency (allowed under RAW - rules as written), the spirit of the mechanic is that unless you have a power that allows you to swap out some runes, they belong to the spirit from the moment you draw them. Now while many game groups do play with the RAW interpretation, it's not as great as it sounds since many times a contingency condition won't happen, and it also means the Norn's denizens get the same treatment.

I've tried it both ways, but for many years now it's played as Balasar describes. It's also more intuitive that way, you don't feel like you're gaming the system.

In the upcoming RGS 3.0 a lot of conditions that cost you runes now have a unified "tax" mechanic that simply takes runes after you Wyrd. No more different accounting schemes based on what conditions affect you. Maybe we lose some flavour, but the game speed increase is very well justified.
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