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PostPosted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:33 am 
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I do believe we need a thread for Epic Deeds and Epic Deaths. The Viking equivalent of "Precious Moments". I shall begin:

In our adventure today, we were happily walking along searching for some treasure. We had found a map that told us it was hidden on some kind of creature-thing. None of us really knew what it was, except for the new guy who wasn't sure if he could trust us yet. One of our Galdrs decides to light the way for himself, so he uses Beckon Muspelheim to create light and heat. I totally envision him walking along like this (external link alert): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa9n7GirhsI (hmmm, I really need to get to that Galdr-Skald I came up with a while back). The mountain begins to quake and we hear some angry growls. It's initiative time! What are we fighting now? The entire mountain!!!! I have attached an artist's interpretation (we had an audience for this game; sadly the photo with the artist came out too blurry, sorry).
Hungry Mountain.jpg

Anyway, I - an eater of eyes - charge to a HUUUUUUUGE eyeball and skewer it with two harpoons. This poor mountain is now partially blind and not feeling too happy about us crawling around on it. It opens a couple of mouths and tries to eat us. We resist that attack as best we can. Even the trees wail on us, because they're apparently its beard. The Galdrs drop crazy spiritual damage to prevent this poor mountain from healing up. After our first round, we also realize it's at max Rage. We are facing a HUUUUUUGE freaking mountain at max Rage and it's already taken tons of damage. Everyone (except me, because I have a plan) is quaking in their boots because they expect one of us to die shortly.

I go first in round 2 (thank you Tactician and Formulating Strike!!). I have my fylgia reach out and touch the mountain to drain 2 intensities of Rage - I used the Combo tag and someone kindly donated a spiritual rune. Whoops! Guess who's no longer at Max Rage! I start moving toward the second eyeball, but those trees had bashed me into the snow, impeding me just enough that I can't quite make it. I wisely keep a physical rune to deal with whatever the mountain throws at me. One Galdr runs off the mountain (it was necessary, and in hindsight probably a very wise move). The other Galdr summons a seith aberration he's named Billy Gates to unleash some more spiritual damage (I should mention he dual classed with a fylgia). This mountain ain't healing anytime soon! It still gets a turn though...

Avalanche!!!!!!! Those of us still on the mountain are moved towards the closest maw unless we pay physical runes to prevent it. With my lone physical rune, I manage to keep myself from being swallowed, barely, by jamming my harpoons into the snow. I'm hanging over the edge though. One of our two Galdrs falls into the magma/digestive juices below. He survives that somehow. The other is pretty happy he's off the mountain right now. Billy Gates takes his turn and disappears because our digesting-Galdr doesn't believe in Maintains (nah, he just wasn't drawing the right runes).

Round 3, I clear off my Impeded condition because I really want to smash that other eyeball. I enter a mobile stance (apparently you can do that while dangling over a precipice), use a raging charge to climb out of the pit, run through the snow, and leap onto the eyeball (got to love that mobility bonus!) and my fylgia suggests I put my attack into contingency (which I do). That eyeball is dead this round, but it'll happen AFTER this mountain's had its turn. Safe-Galdr sets up a very nice protective combo, so now he's ready to face that mountain head-on. This poor mountain has jumped ahead of everyone else, so his turn comes up next. I am on his one remaining eye, blocking what vision he has left. He's pretty much blind, decently impeded, degenerating, and very vulnerable at this point. He can't see any of us (well, maybe an extreme close-up of me) and he figures HULK SMASH!!!! He goes for our new ships.

My character's twin brother (whose player couldn't be there tonight sadly, so we left his character in the relative safety of the ships) sees this mountain rise up, scream and charge towards him. A HUUUUUUUGE rock fist comes smashing towards him, and our pretty new ship. He does what any parry-built character with Protector does. He stands between this giant rock fist and our wonderful, new ship and blocks ALL the damage the poor mountain dishes out. That was an epic block I must say! The other ship didn't have my brother aboard, so it's pretty much flotsam at this point (I'm not 100% sure actually, that block was too epic). My contingency kicks in and I demolish the poor beast/landmark's last eye. Digesting-Galdr drops some sweet damage from inside (some physical and some spiritual; poor mountain really isn't healing and it's only at rage 3 at this point). He soon realizes that he's being stalked by some polar bears that live in the caves/intestines (those are the two dangerous looking things in the middle of the picture, just above the tree-beard. We named one Yogi and the other Boo-Boo). I'm not too clear on mountain digestive tracts, it seems.

Final round, and the poor thing is finally at max Rage again. My fylgia saps two intensities and gives them to me. I'm at max Rage instead. I want this beastly fjord to hit me with its best shot, so I drop my initiative down to go after it in the round. I need pain! Safe-Galdr goes first and drops some sick spell damage. This mountain must be nearly dead at this point (we hope). This mountain smashes me as best he can. It's nearly enough to bloody me (d'oh! I get even more dangerous when I'm bloodied!). I bellow and do a heavily amplified piercing attack with sick reach through the mountain's eye socket. The damage and pierce is enough that I split the mountain nearly in half; I demolish the brain too. I decide I want to found a new clan of Ulfednar, the Eaters of Brains (yes, zombies can join too).

TLDR, Epic fight!

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:17 pm 

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That is a fantastic story! Not everyone can say they have fought a mountain and won!

I wish I had been at the table for that one.

Anything that is not nailed down is mine. Anything I can pry loose is not nailed down.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 6:09 pm 
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I have died. The Mountain Slayer has passed away. It was a pretty epic fight too, although no mountains were harmed.

We arrived in a town, haunted by some angry "guardian spirits". Apparently "someone" was stealing from their shrine. We did some classic viking sleuthing (namely "YOU THERE! You look guilty! Surrender!"). We caught the culprit, but unfortunately "the man" showed up to keep us down. The guilty party claimed we murdered her kin (well, technically we did) and that we were outsiders and she had been in that town for 10 years (also technically true). Well, can you imagine where things go from there?

Yeah, so one of our Galdrs and I (the two least social and yet most trigger-happy characters in our group) are the negotiators trying to keep the arrest peaceful. We're at the front door, two others are just outside the back door, and the rest are inside trying to subdue miss "I swear I'm not the criminal even though I'm trying to kill all witnesses!!!". The criminal-lady lights the match that explodes our powder keg and a fight breaks out.

I start to rage and I make great use of my reckless whirlwind. The Galdr near me drops a nasty hit on the enemy leader. The 6 guys we two are facing aren't too terribly happy right now.

The party members at the back have much less fun than we did. The first guy to go runs inside and casts Imposing Barrier in the doorway. The other guy outside gives us his equivalent to "wtf!!!!" while the first gives his justification that equates to "u mad bro?" (it was a miscommunication between them combined with not fully understanding contingency). Did I mention they have 6 other people to fight too?

The inner group is frantically trying to find evidence so that we can end this fight with no casualties. They're also distracting the lady "my hands are red because I use nail polish! I swear this isn't blood".

Our fight lasts 3 major rounds with 2 more for cleanup purposes.
Round 1
Front - We lay on the hurt, they poke us a little.
Back - "wtf!"
Inside - Quick, we need to justify our mass murder of these criminals!!!

Round 2
Front - I'm at Rage 3, we lay on MORE hurt. The Galdr drops one of our 6 guys, but he drops too.
Back - Stitch Kindred!!!!! I surrender!!! Don't hurt me or you die too!! The enemies don't believe that, so they accidentally kill their friend.
Mid - Dude! Did you just lock our ally outside?
He said he was fine!
Whatever! Just help us find something to prove we're the good guys!!!!!

Round 3
Front - I'm at max rage guys. I kill the 5 remaining enemies in 1 massive hit. I'm pretty close to death, so this makes sense.
Back - Hehehehe, I might actually survive this!
The enemies wonder what that sound is, so they send 3 of their remaining 5 to go investigate. Some smart-ass suggested they were wearing red chain shirts.
Mid - Uh... Did he say max rage? He did... and he's just killed all the enemies he had to distract him... RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Round 4
Criminal - Now's my chance! *Summons a Seith Aberration* Kill everyone but me!
Front - I die (it takes 5 of the poor aberration's attacks; got to love max rage!). The galdr with me is finished off too, just for good measure.
Mid - The maiden manages to run away into the snowstorm. She survives. The skald that had blocked the door feels guilty and runs around the building to the back. He attacks the guards there, arresting the abandoned friend.
Back - Gah! There's someone attacking us! Kill it! (the skald dies)
The redshirts are killed by the Seith Aberration.
The captured ally suggests a hasty retreat is in order. The 3 remaining guards survive.

Kill count: 3
The only survivors in our group were the ones who were absent, the one that surrendered, and the one that ran so far away we've yet to see her again 3 sessions later. And even then, apparently one of the absentee members died by opening a portal to Muspelheim and nearly burning down the poor village. In trying to deal with that, another of our members died due to some nasty fire giants with fire auras. Heh, and the new character our absentee pyromaniac brought in died, so it's poetic it killed him twice.
Kill count: 6

Oh, and our various proper burials were entirely dependent on the trial (or althing, if I'm using the word properly) for our lone survivor.

The trial went as well as we could have hoped for. We got our proper burial and we ended up with 3 of our party being taken into the heavens. I'm now Disir level 2! So now I can Troll ;)

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