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PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 5:08 am 

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I apologise if this subject has been captured elsewhere - two things have fascinated me about this amazing game from the get-go

1 - How does one capture the tone of Ragnarok in an adventure / campaign?

2 - How does one present the gods?

I mean, for example, with regards to the gods, if say the players were descending into the Kingdom of Hvergelmir to check out the suffering Loki what would the players actually see? Would they simply see a man being tortured? Would they see a giant figure with a clear supernatural aura being tortured? Or would they find a specific large rock which a special rune - a singular cascade of water raining down from above onto the large rock - meaning that - perhaps - the torture of Loki was more symbolic and that the water above was a great lake that would eventually find it's way into Hvergelmir and drown its occupants?

As for the tone - personally I would have Fimbulwinter just simply the most unpleasant of situations to role play in - not in a way that wasn't fun for the players - but just that it would be hell-on-earth. Social order has broken down - folk are really only looking out for themselves - near death wolves travel in armies - strange shadows fall across whole mountain ranges. There would be no merry drinking games in inviting taverns - all towns are ruins - all villages put to the torch.

But I guess that's just me.

Does anyone have any examples of how they specifically present/ed the tone of Ragnarok or how they have presented the gods - if they have used them?


PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:41 am 
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You should feel free to present the world as you see fit.

That said the intent is that the myths are as real and tangible as the history. You get both in equal doses. The sun and moon have been gone for 3+ years... The strong and resillient thrive in the chaos... Everything is in upheaval... Magic is prominent in a terrifyingly dark and deathly cold landscape... You can witness the Einherjar and Sons of Muspel go on their epic errands... Asgard is under siege and Odin seems to appear in many places almost at once as he works tirelessly to salvage a victory... Defying the preordained.

The gods look like mortals, no halos or auras, but those who sense magic can see their divinity. Loki is in the subterranean realm of Hvergmir... Home to Goin and Moin... Serpents, wyrms and dragons.

All of which could be viewed from many perspectives and seen through many different lenses. Remember to regularily ask who is carrying light and how they plan to cope with the crippling cold.

Happy gaming!


PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:54 am 

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Bleak! If you have ever seen he movie The Road you could use the tone of that and just add endless winter. The constant cold is something that comes up often and when the players finally find shelter/ warmth it is a big deal. I hit them up with lost runes if they are unprepared or outside for extended periods of time without either shelter or fires to warm up with periodically. Survivors are generally very wary of strangers and not too trusting - everyone thinks you are out for their stuff!

I have not presented the gods directly in my game yet but monsters/ supernatural events certainly have had a part. I am hedging towards a fairly human vision of the gods just obviously having something that the players recognize on some subconscious level that stands them out (besides possible obvious physical features like missing a hand or eye say) even if the player does not possess some kind of magical sight/insight. If they came across Loki being tortured they would recognize him as a god and they would see the actual torture taking place.

That is how I am rolling with it so far!

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