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More books

Post by mamama »

I am having the best time with the core rule book, and my group of players and I want to know when the next books are due out.

There is a source book called Denizens of the North that has been announced. What will it contain? When will it be released?

Then a local store owner told us he had received your product catalog and there was some card game for late 2013... what's that one all about??? A Norn screen was also in that pdf you sent him.

Any other materials coming our way? My group is very much enjoying FOTNR and we want MORE! :)
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Re: More books

Post by andrew »

Haha busted, yup it's an upcoming game for the Fate of the Norns line. :)
It's a fast paced card game that you will be hearing more about really soon. It is an independent game but still part of the Fate of the Norns family of games. It rewinds the clock to the time when the Aesir and the Vanir were at war!

As for the FOTN:R RPG, we have a lot of books in the pipeline. Denizens of the North expands the playable archetypes and adds more denizens. It also includes some pre-written denizens that can be dropped into campaigns. It will also include magic items and a short saga that builds on the lore surrounding Evingard (a really important place in the grand scheme of things, reason revealed in this saga). There will also be other nice goodies in the book (crafting system).

Following that, we have a trilogy of sagas that take players through the war for the crown in Midgard, and the siege of Asgard in the heavens. Players will ascend from level 12 to 27 playing through all three. Prequel levelling: Level 9 was in the CRB, 10 in Fafnir and 11 in DotN.

We also have a book dedicated to the gods and Jotuns in the works (very early stages). That one will include the Godi player archetype as well as divine magic.

Lastly on our radar is the Book of Shadows that sheds light on what is happening in the dominions of the Lios and Svart Alfar!

Exciting times! :)
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