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PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:19 pm 

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This is a continuation of the events of The Great Quest. This can be read in isolation, however, some of the main characters are introduced in the previous reading and you will hopefully enjoy the other read. Below is an example of a game not going to plan!


‘If only the death of Grimskull the Great polar bear was the only death on that day, the tapestry of life would not be so colourful, with life-threads of lords and ladies cut un-expectantly short to be filled by others. No, the story is not over yet, it has just begun…’

The Celebration of the Blot

A lesson every man sooner or later learns in life is that seducing women under the influence of alcohol is, at best, a hit and miss affair. Dorrud decided that after his heroic victory, this was the night to learn that lesson. In the process he managed to crush the hopes of Jeyne of an early release, and offend Hala the head of catering and serving maids, resulting in angering Hala’s boyfriend and also Jarl Bard. He further offended Jarl Bard by reciting the story of Grimskull and implying that this could not be managed by the Jarl . The final action to cement this animosity is when he supported offensive comments made by Egil against Jarl Bard. Throughout the night, it was also apparent Haar was also a strong supporter of Egil, accepting a fine blade as a gift.

Gunnar on the other hand, established a friendship with Jolnar (the son of Bruun) and established a solid rapport with King Erik, drinking at his table. The party was therefore on two polarised sides, two supporting King Erik and Bard, and two supporting Egil. Bard offered drinks to Egil, Bard and Haar as a sign of hospitality. Egil stopped Haar and Dorrud from downing the drink in honour of the host. Instead, he traced a protection rune on the side of the three cups, resulting in three cups exploding. He looked at the two companions and forcefully stated they are leaving immediately. The three stood out and quickly and unceremoniously stormed out of the longhouse, followed by a confused Gunnar and Jolnar seeking to determine what had upset their companions.

Outside, Egil angrily advises Haar and Dorrud that Bard and the Queen had tried to poison them. At that instant Bard exits the longhouse with three more tainted tankards. Edgel and Haar slay Bard, as Gunnar and Jolnar exit the longhouse. After a tense moment, Gunnar and Jolnar realise that the Queen and Bard had tried to murder Egil, Haar and Dorrud and the three cups are kept as evidence.

With no notice, Haar springs into action; turning into wolven form and charging back into the longhouse. Egil immediately charges after the Ulfhednar, followed closely by Dorrud and Gunnar. Jolnar, not knowing the party, decides not to be involved and witness the event. Within seconds, Haar and Egil unleash on King Erik, his druidic queen, Baldri and four guards . Massive hits were dealt on both the king and the Queen before they could even react, however when they did retaliate they were merciless. Bruun fell quickly from the strikes of both the King and Queen; unconscious and bleeding out. Egil quickly became bloodied, and grievous wounds were dealt on Gunnar and Dorrud by the guards. Gunnar saved the day, unleashing the frost weapon he experienced and learned from the encounter with Grimskull on the king, queen and Baldri. The Ulfhednar, showing amazing resilience drank the blood of his adversaries and started to slowly get back into the fight.

Within seconds, guards from other parts of the hall would intervene and end the conflict. The party knew that if the King or Queen lived, they would be executed regardless if they could prove the plot against them. All defences were dropped for total offense, knowing that very few blows were required to end the party and Egil. With all combatants from both sides on last legs, it came down to the luck of the draw for initiative. The Gods were watching, with all the party going first. Dorrud laid a mortal blow on Baldri, followed by a frenzied attack from the animalistic Haar on the Royals and an ice burst from Gunnar which finally felled the King and Queen. The now frenzied guards unleashed their fury on both Gunnar and Dorrud who both fell, never to rise in mortal form again.

Just before the additional guards reached the Royal table to refrain the combatants, Egil had the final say; severing the heads of both the King and Queen with mighty blows from his weapon. Jolnar stepped forward to declare the attack was legitimate as the ale they were provided was poisoned. Ragnar stood up and supported the story, after Jolnar gave silent acknowledgement that he would owe the merchant a favour for this support. The favour was immediately cashed, with Ragnar making Jolnar advise the hall attendees that the merchant is a Jarl by birth and should manage the island in the absence of a heir. Not bad for Ragnar: from merchant to Jarl in control of two islands in one day.

A funeral was quickly organised for the King, Queen, Baldri, Gunnar and Dorrud as warrior nobles who fought bravely. Many unwilling thralls were sacrificed as part of the funeral which was overseen by the Angel of Death, including the beautiful Jeyne. As the longboats caught alight, lightning struck on the ridgeline close to the longhouse. The Gods were not happy; blood had been shed, and not in the name of the Blot….

A few OOC points of note for those who wish to know more detail:
Dorrud was suffering massive penalties from inebriation, yet was publically asked by Gunnar to tell a tale
[*]Jolnar was a replacement PC for Bruun
[*]A witch, servant of Loki, told Haar through a mental spell that Egil was not lying.
[*]Egil (LVL18) was turned into a PC. The King, Queen and Baldri were all LVL18. The guards were level 10
[*]Dorrud was accepted into the fires of Glassisvellir, Gunnar was taken by the Valkyries to Valhalla

By the books it seems that the party should never have won, even with the help of Egil. However, they had the luck of initiative and tactician which significantly helped on this occasion. Once again, pls provide comment if you think we did anything that seems incorrect... we are still learning! I hope you enjoyed the two write-ups.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:28 am 

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Oh, my! That did go rather off plan didn't it? Still you handled it well and came out with a tale worth telling.

I don't think you did anything wrong in handling the game mechanics. Sometimes the luck of the initiative draw can make a huge difference in the outcome.

You should have many loose threads in your tapestry to continue further stories.

Anything that is not nailed down is mine. Anything I can pry loose is not nailed down.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 3:31 pm 

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Sincere thanks for the feedback, DavetheLost. Yes, there is currently a massive gaping hole in the tapestry with the death of King Erik. Obviously this will have an impact on his realm, with Karls of his realm possibly using the opportunity to grab additional land and riches. The remaining party may be seen as heroes or villians at this time, depending on where they travel to. But that is not their problem right now, they need to appease a very angered spirit during the Blot!

PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 8:50 pm 
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That sounds like a good set of games, but you did have your work cut out for you. Your players sound like a wild bunch ;), but it looks like you handled it well. I think you have the spirit of the game as well as the mechanics. King Erik was a major contender for the throne, however don't despair as a Norn, you have quite a few more sons you can use for the struggle for the crown: Haakon the Good as well as King Bjorn Farmann (both of whom are described in the upcoming Denizens of the North). You also have the Skallagrim clan (ie. Egil) whom you can use as a great segway into Islandia. IMO the best campaigns are the sandbox type. Midgard is full of opportunity for adventure. Plus it sounds like the players that died got some Disir levels which will make them the envy of those that survived. Chances must have been very slim since bonus pulls are mostly gained via epic deeds (but an Angel of Death will help the odds as well)- Good on them! :)


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Thank you very much for summarizing what has happened in our game Musty70! (This is the Norn, Musty is one of the insane bunch of wild hairy psychopaths who decided to butcher a king and queen and everybody in-between).

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